See the past, present and future of your supply chain


Before the rise in wearable technology, how did you measure the distance you ran, the number of steps climbed, and the amount of calories burned? Chances are, you used a portable pedometer to measure your steps and distance travelled, and a diary to keep track of your calories burned.

As technology advanced, so did fitness and activity trackers. Fitbit™ trackers not only tell you how many steps you’ve taken but how to eat a well-rounded meal, sleep better and ultimately, become a healthier human being. Technology has evolved from simply providing you with data based on what you’ve done, to analyzing your past and current activities and making recommendations on what you should do next.

Let’s move from self-improvement to business operations. Think back to a difficult business decision you made recently:

Did all of the information available to you expedite or delay your decision making process?

Did you wish you had fast and accurate answers to questions like the ones below?

  • What’s the typical length and frequency of delays in a particular area of coverage?
  • How many machines are running slower every year, impacting production times?
  • When is maintenance likely to happen on a particular section of a railway track?

Big data, big decisions

Too much of a good thing can be detrimental. Information overload can reduce confidence during the decision making process. What you need isn’t more information about events that have happened – it’s more insight into what you should do next.

The focus has shifted from why big data matters to how businesses can profit from it. Big Data – and the analytics and optimization technology that capitalizes on it – is changing the definition of optimal business performance. This is the underlying theme of the DELMIA Quintiq World Tour 2016, happening in 12 cities around the world.

Start rethinking your optimum

Let the DELMIA Quintiq leadership team walk you through the process of throwing out old benchmarks and setting your sights on new ever-moving targets. See the past, present and future of your business from a fresh perspective. At the DELMIA Quintiq World Tour 2016, you will get access to:

  • Answers to your questions about optimization and analytics
  • Analytics and optimization experts who can help you identify how you’ll get the best returns
  • Representatives of industry-leading organizations from retail, manufacturing, public transport and more – already in the process of rethinking their optimum

You’ll go back to the office knowing where and how to get started on your journey towards a new optimum. Reserve your seat at the DELMIA Quintiq World Tour 2016.

I hope to see you there!

This post was previously published on LinkedIn.