How true optimization can help 3PLs improve service levels

How true optimization can help 3PLs improve service levels

I had a conversation with a director of operations at a road logistics company recently. He expressed his thoughts on how much improvement they’ve seen after implementing a transportation management system (TMS). But he was still not convinced they were getting the most out of their investment.

Are you confident that you’re getting the most out of your TMS?

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”Freight Transportation: Four for the Road, Inbound Logistics” link=”” color=”” size=”18″]Trucking experts estimate that as many as one-third of all trucks on the road are empty. They have delivered their loads and are headed either back to home base, or to their next pickup.[/pullquote]

Imagine this: You’ve got to manage 200 trucks and about 1,500 full truckload (FTL) deliveries a week. How do you minimize the time your trucks are empty on the road? Does your TMS help you optimize your FTL deliveries while taking all time windows into account?

True optimization will help planners optimize routes and deliveries to ensure your KPIs are in the green, leading to higher service levels. Take a look at the infographic below. See how much more savings you can achieve when your TMS works hand in hand with a logistics planning and optimization system.

Optimization: The key to future-ready operations

Your logistics company has one mission in mind: To give your customers the best transportation service possible, profitably. Discover what true optimization together with your TMS can do for your profitability and growth. Click here to continue reading.'

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