How your logistics planners positively impact your bottom line

If you could describe what your logistics planner does in two words, what would those two words be?

Schedule drivers.

Re-route shipments.

Reduce costs.

These are all good answers, but you and I know that your logistics planner impacts your bottom line in more ways than just scheduling trucks and re-planning shipments. Are your drivers and vehicles being utilized effectively? What about fuel efficiency – are there too many empty trips in between shipments or routes that are not optimized? The holiday season is approaching – are there enough resources to manage the increase in orders? All this takes planning and scheduling across different time horizons – hardly an easy task for your planner.

We can go on about the challenges in logistics planning but here’s what we’ve done instead. We’ve put together a comic strip showing how your logistics planner really contributes to your bottom line. Follow Paul, our logistics planner, as he takes care of business – without opening a single spreadsheet.

A day in the life of a logistics planner

How can you empower your planners to do more for your bottom line? Logistics optimization pro, Frank Tinschert, shares his insights. Watch the 3-minute Q&A with Frank.