Getting to know Nick: The life of an airport planner

The life of an airport planner

Helping to keep an airport running smoothly can be a daunting task. It can also be a very cool job. Nick, who’s the head airport planner at Sunnyville Airport, recently asked for help to boost efficiency at Sunnyville. An aviation enthusiast, Nick is keen to share his passion for airport planning. So we couldn’t turn down the chance to ask him a couple of questions about his work. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: What do you like most about being an airport planner?

A: Personally, I get a deep sense of satisfaction when everything runs smoothly in the airport. There’s nothing better than seeing satisfied passengers and happy colleagues, and knowing that you played a major part in making it all happen. Plus, my office has a great view over the concourse. I can look up and see anything from a Boeing 747 to an Airbus A380 taxiing by. Not many people can say that!

Q: Describe your biggest planning challenge at Sunnyville Airport

A: In order to create an optimal and profitable plan, I need to take many things into consideration. Neglecting one part of the equation could lead to costly mistakes. Some of the questions my plan needs to answer are:

  • How many staff do we need each day?
  • Who should take on which tasks?
  • Do we have enough equipment available and enough employees qualified to operate it?
  • Who is available at short notice, in case someone calls in sick for example?

It’s a big juggling act keeping up with the ever-changing needs of the airport, airline industry, and our travelers.

Q: Sounds like a lot to deal with. What would make your job as a planner easier?

A: *chuckles* I’m glad you asked. It all comes down to collaboration. If information is shared much quicker amongst airlines, airports, ground handlers, and even flight catering companies, we planners can then use that information to make more informed decisions.

But to do this effectively, we need an intelligent planning and optimization solution to translate all that data into valuable insights.

Q: Finally, what gets you up in the morning?

A: I think it’s waking up knowing that a brand new day means getting the opportunity to improve my work. The goal is always to produce even better results than yesterday. And this is why I’m more determined than ever to boost Sunnyville Airport’s efficiency.

Airport planning can be tricky but extremely rewarding when you get it right. Have you joined forces with Nick to #SaveSunnyville yet? Be the hero that saves Sunnyville Airport – play now!