Staying on track with improved rail planning


With rail traffic volume expected to increase, leading rail companies now recognize that yesterday’s planning methods no longer meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry. Read our blog picks for more insights into how you can improve your rail planning for better profit margins.

Passenger rail

All aboard for a great passenger experience

Picture the scene: You’re traveling to an important meeting by rail. You’ve allocated plenty of time for yourself so you’re feeling relaxed as you wait in line for a coffee to take onboard with you. Then the announcement every traveler dreads…find out what happens next.

Improving KPIs in passenger rail operations

Technical integration is a great place to start, but it isn’t enough. Real integrated planning goes beyond planning on a single platform. Discover how real integration is improving KPIs in passenger rail.

Rail freight

7 questions for profitable rail freight planning

Is your company equipped to handle the current challenges of rail freight planning and beat the growing competition in the market? Use this 7-step checklist to learn how top freight companies like DB Schenker solved rail freight planning challenges and boosted profits.

The complexities of wagon planning: Use your capacity wisely

With orders from all over the country or all over the world, how can you satisfy demand at minimum cost and maximum profit? Follow these steps.

The complexities of wagon planning: (Un)certainty and cost optimization

As a rail freight company, you deal with uncertainties all the time. Sure, you have an estimate of where a wagon is heading but you only get the exact destination at the last minute, shortly before departure. So your plans need to be flexible enough to adapt to last-minute changes. Here’s what you need to know for effective wagon planning.

The complexities of wagon planning – costs vs punctuality

Wagon blocking offers you a flexible way of building transport, decreasing costs. But how would you balance considerations of cost with punctuality? Find out.

Rail infrastructure management

How to save costs as a rail infrastructure manager?

You know this already: Passenger satisfaction depends on more than just railway perks. It also has much to do with better possession management, which has the greatest potential for savings. Get the full story.

Want the low-down on smarter rail planning and optimization? Hear it from leading rail companies.