Our must-read picks for 2014

As another year comes to a close, we want to say a big thank you to all our readers for another great year on the DELMIA Quintiq blog. To end on a high note, we’ve decided to break convention and have our team pick the posts they liked most this year. Enjoy:


1. Next generation supply chains: The inside story

Next generation supply chainsAn intelligent planning solution can do wonders for you, but are your people open to change? Discover how to reap the rewards of a next generation supply chain without provoking resistance.

Why we liked it:

“Interesting topic – one every company can relate to. It’s highly relevant to all levels inside an organization.” – Lorenzo Corea, Marketing Executive

2. Are big airports losing the competition for passengers?

Are big airports losing the competition for passengers?How are big airports faring against smaller rivals in the popularity game? Learn how some airports are challenging the status quo and proving that size doesn’t matter.

Why we liked it:

“I love the storytelling behind it – classic David vs Goliath.” – Rae Janssen, Marketing Executive (Aviation)

“The challenges of airports and their solutions are really interesting and inspiring. It gets me thinking about how we can apply similar solutions in the rail industry.  For example, Copenhagen Airports reduced process times, increased employee productivity by 42% and won Skytrax’s World Best Security Award for two years running. Their case study video is a must-see.” – Debbie Rovers, Marketing Executive (Rail & Public Transport)

3. World Cup fever: Scoring the goal

Silhouettes of People Holding Flags From Various CountriesHow many goals did you achieve this year? Discover some of the similarities between planning for success in business and in football.

Why we liked it:

“This is a great read! Very relevant to business leaders today, especially if you love reading business insights from your favorite sport.” – Rae Janssen, Marketing Executive (Aviation)

4. Optimization or automation: Which do you need?

Optimization or automation: Which do you need?It’s easy to confuse automation with optimization. In both cases, you press a button and voilà…there’s your result. But the results can be very different. Discover the differences and what it takes to get good results.

Why we liked it:

“This post explains the basics of automation and optimization. Automation is too simple and will not give you great results. Optimization works, but it’s not the answer to small disruptions and has its limits. Conclusion? You need to combine optimization and decision support for the best results.” – Randolph Batavier, Marketing Executive (Oil & Gas)

5. Three key questions to close the gap in your S&OP process

businessman over stretchedYour sales and operations planning process is the core of your business. But your best plans mean little if you can’t stick to them. Here are three key questions that will help you to create better plans.

Why we liked it:

“This will be a very hot topic for the manufacturing industry in 2015. This post is best read together with the whitepaper and webinar video that feature insights from renowned S&OP expert John Sookias.” – Renee van Alem, Marketing Executive

“The post is easy to read with excellent insights from a successful webinar. S&OP continues to be a trending topic within the manufacturing industry.” – Alice Berthier, Marketing Manager France

6. Small is the new big: Millennials and the future of retail

Sorting out the admin of the clothing boutiqueHow do you keep hyper-connected, tech-savvy customers happy? We look at five ways retailers can engage with millennials and increase profits.

Why we liked it:

“I shared this post with many of my contacts in the omni-channel retail space and they enjoyed reading it. The idea of engaging millennials using data-driven technologies is something they’ve been preaching for ages.” – Rae Janssen, Marketing Executive (Aviation)

7. Four signs you need supply chain optimization

supply chain optimizationSupply chain management is quickly becoming a “secret weapon” for many companies. Find out how your supply chain compares and what optimization can do for your business.

Why we liked it:

“This was one of the blog posts I came across when I first joined DELMIA Quintiq. It’s a great read with several outstanding case studies that highlight the benefits of supply chain optimization.” – James Mumford, Global Campaign Marketing Manager

8. Smart business planning: What 10 experts say

IMG_1195Planning for the future? Check out words of wisdom from some of the business leaders who spoke at the Quintiq World Tour 2014.

Why we liked it:

“This is a fabulous recap of the DELMIA Quintiq World Tour. Some good sound bites to take us into 2015. Plus, the quotes are so shareable!” – Rae Janssen, Marketing Executive (Aviation)

9. My other truck is a sleigh

SmartTrucker-launchThe holiday rush has begun and presents need to be delivered on time. Put yourself in the shoes of a trucker and take the smart trucker challenge today.

Why we liked it:

“This post is a favorite because it talks about an awesome game that tests your planning skills for the holiday season” – Ng Kian Huat, Multimedia Developer

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