DELMIA Quintiq World Tour: How leaders plan for the future

Join the DELMIA Quintiq World Tour

What’s the best way to achieve and maintain excellent service levels? Improve vessel space utilization? Or optimize your inventory levels?

Find out from industry leaders during the DELMIA Quintiq World Tour.

Interactive sessions. Thought-provoking presentations. Exchanging ideas with planning, optimization and industry experts. All under one roof.

What more could you ask for?

Join the DELMIA Quintiq World Tour in a series of executive summits, taking place in cities around the world. Hear from a wide selection of expert speakers including,

  • Gunnar Meller, VP of Supply Chain, Outokumpu
  • Ismo Platan, CIO, Corporate Senior Vice President, Ruukki
  • Mark Gallagher, Formula 1 Executive & former CEO, Cosworth
  • Kasper Hounsgaard, Head of Operational and Business Analysis, Copenhagen Airport
  • Vivek Kamra, CEO, Natsteel
  • Thibaud Des Dorides, Project Manager, Radio France
  • Lora Cecere, Founder & CEO, Supply Chain Insights
  • And many more!

Now’s your chance to boost your supply chain resilience, attain higher profit margins and achieve a competitive edge.

Learn how industry leaders are steering their companies successfully through turbulent times. Register today!