Passenger Service Product of the Year 2013

NTV achieves world-class on-time performanceOvercoming complexity in passenger rail planning is not easy. Leading passenger rail companies recognize that yesterday’s scheduling methods no longer meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry. That’s why Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV) selected DELMIA Quintiq software to create optimal plans, taking into account constraints, business rules and employee preferences.

In recognition of the innovative solution DELMIA Quintiq provided, we were recently awarded the Passenger Service Product of the Year by Urban Transport Agenda, a leading publication in transportation intelligence. Here’s an excerpt from Urban Transport Agenda’s latest issue:

Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV), Italy’s first private operator on the country’s high-speed rail network, selected DELMIA Quintiq to provide supply-chain planning and optimisation (SCP&O) software to hone all operational resources, everything from long-term strategic planning to real-time rescheduling and disruption management.

Typically, rail fleet and workforce planning involves having the right amount of resources to meet forecasted demand. Plans must also take into account employment regulations, maintenance requirements and capacity constraints.

The first phase of the project involved modelling NTV’s operations, including the number of crew and station staff that would be required for operations in 2012.

Quintiq’s inherent flexibility ensured a fully accurate model. NTV and DELMIA Quintiq then worked together to implement the solution, which went live in October 2012.

Read more about how DELMIA Quintiq helped NTV achieve an on-time rate of 94.4% or learn how we help other passenger rail planners manage their operations.

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