💄 Post-pandemic Beauty

Rapid Formulation Changes Required

The COVID pandemic disrupted many beauty routines. For many left working at home in front of a webcam, the desire for a smooth, camera-ready forehead drove a significant uptick of 234% in skin care purchases and at-home self-care such as peels, masks and serums (source: market researcher NPD).

Sales of items once considered essential, such as foundation and lipstick, decreased by more than 70%.

According to NPD, designer-brand makeup sales decreased 40%, a net loss of almost £500m just in the United Kingdom alone.


So what new trends will take over as we transition back to schools and offices?

Self-care is seen as necessary for mental health, so this trend is here to stay. The greening trend including sustainable packaging and reducing consumption through skinimalism continues.

Reducing the environmental footprint in the development process is a theme across food, clothing and beauty (think Levis Waterless jeans!) as well as beauty and food products removing synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients.


The net impact on food, home and beauty care manufacturers is the need to quickly formulate and reformulate existing products to decrease time to market.

Non-scalable desktop solutions like Excel inhibit collaboration and require significant manual efforts to identify problematic ingredients across formulations.

End-to-end Cloud-based solution

Modern, Cloud-based formulation solutions accelerate reformulation and creation of new products.

BIOVIA’s On-platform Cloud Formulation Scientist role spans from the formulation stage to development and testing of new formulas.

End-to-end connectivity and digital continuity ensure a seamless process from idea to product.

Key capabilities include:

  • the ability to compare multiple formulas
  • incorporate newly defined materials

Drive new product formulations in record time and be ready to respond to the next wave of consumer preferences!



Melissa Sterrett Baron

Melissa Sterrett Baron is BIOVIA’s Roles Portfolio Director, leading the User Assistance, User Experience and Go-to-Market teams to bring new solutions to market.

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