We have started our SOLIDWORKS Customer Success Stories Program in Asia Pacific South, where we will feature case studies of customers in our region who have successfully used SOLIDWORKS to design, simulate, test, and build products set to change the future.

In October 2017, students from Singapore Polytechnic achieved ninth position in the 2017 World Solar Challenge, one of the world’s foremost innovation challenges, with the SunSPEC5 solar-powered car, designed and built using SOLIDWORKS.

To qualify for the World Solar Challenge, the design and make of SunSPEC5 had to be robust enough to endure a grueling 8-day 3,000km race across the unforgiving Australian outback, from Darwin to Adelaide.

The team had only 20 months to build a working model of the SunSPEC5. Given such a limited time period, it was crucial for the students to work with the right software. The team chose SOLIDWORKS for its intuitive interface that allowed them to test and innovate the design easily. This enabled the students to build the futuristic SunSPEC5 right on time for the challenge of their lifetime!

For the full SunSPEC5 case study write-up, go to the SOLIDWORKS blog at:

We will be featuring the SunSPEC in our upcoming SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019 sponsored posts. Check out our Facebook video below.

Magdalene Tan

Asia Pacific South Content Manager at Dassault Systèmes
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