SOLIDWORKS Fusion Guitar Case Study

Real Designers Use Dassault Systèmes® SOLIDWORKS®

Designing the Ultimate Electric Guitar

Designing the Ultimate Fusion Guitar with SOLIDWORKS


Ever wondered how you could jam on your electric guitar, play with different stylistic effects, and share your session with others all with just one instrument? No need for separate amps, speakers, and programs, the Fusion Guitar integrates all three into one system on the ultimate electric guitar.

Designer and avid guitarist, Dave McAuld is the mastermind behind the technology. He says, “my life has been about music and my quest to create the ultimate electric guitar. We designed the Fusion Guitar to be the 21st century guitarists’ gateway to enjoyable musical expression anywhere and anytime. Combining the Fusion with iOS guitar apps unleashes amazing possibilities for learning, creating, performing, and sharing music.”

As any avid guitarist would agree, a guitar’s shape is its key feature. The same goes for the Fusion Guitar. Not only did it need an elegant organic shape, it also needed to fully integrate the speaker, amp, and smart phone device dock harmoniously into the design.

SOLIDWORKS was critical in providing Dave a solution for bringing his ideas together into a beautiful, integrated design.


Designing the Ultimate Fusion Guitar


Read the FULL Fusion Guitars Case Study and find out why Real Designers Use Dassault Systèmes® SOLIDWORKS® at: Designing the World’s First Smart Electric Guitar


Imagine being able to plug and play for a gig anywhere, even by the beach!



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