Dassault Systèmes at IMARC 2018 – Highlights and Key Takeaways

Dassault Systèmes was proud to have been the Plenary Theatre Sponsor of the 5th International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) from 29 October to 1 November 2018 in Melbourne, Victoria, the largest mining event in Australia where 6,160 delegates from over 90 countries  and over 30 government ministers came together to connect with Australian businesses and companies serving, investing and operating in the mining industry.

The mining industry is on a transformation path of innovation, adopting new concepts and best practices from other industries, such as manufacturing, to re-invent itself with the power of digital technologies applied across the mining value chain. IMARC 2018 presented the opportune time to introduce how Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables mining companies all over the world with the capabilities they need to innovate, continuously improve and sustain their businesses.

In this blog post, we bring highlights and key takeaways from Dassault Systèmes’ stakeholder engagement activities at IMARC 2018.


Victoria Government VIP Luncheon

On 29 October 2018, Dassault Systèmes hosted an exclusive luncheon with the Victorian State Government to discuss how strategic partnerships between industry, government and academia can re-energise education with industry-based curriculums to prepare the workforce of the future in the mining and resources sector.

The event topic, introduced by Debra Stirling from Monash University, and followed by insights from Victoria’s Lead Scientist, Amanda Caples, and Sylvain Laurent, Dassault Systèmes’ Executive Vice President, Global Field Operations Asia / Oceania, who shared their insights on the technological advancements re-inventing the industry and the collaborations required to cultivate future-ready talents and the workforce that will sustain Australia’s mining industry.


Conversations on Sustainable Development

At IMARC 2018, sustainability development in mining was amongst the major themes discussed as mining companies all over the world seek transformative change, not just to sustain profitability, but importantly, their social license to operate where a low-carbon economy is the vision for the future.

In the video highlights above, we ask our senior executives what sustainable development means to Dassault Systèmes and their views on the role of sustainability and social responsibility in mining operating practices.


Plenary Discussion on ‘Collaborating for Change’

Masaki Sox Konno, Dassault Systèmes’ Managing Director, Asia Pacific South, was a panel speaker at the IMARC 2018 industry plenary discussion on “Collaborating for Change”. During the discussion, he shared his views on how governments, educators and businesses can collaborate through the development of a shared learning eco-system that encourages innovation and change in the industry. Watch the video highlights above for his insights.


METS United Workshop and the Production Experience of the Mine

Prashanth Mysore, Dassault Systèmes’ Industry Portfolio Director, joined IMARC’s METS Ignited Workshop on “The Digital Shift” as a panelist where he shared his industry expertise in digital technologies shaping the future of mining.  METS Ignited is an industry-led, government funded not-for-profit organisation that aims to strengthen Australia’s position as a global hub for mining innovation.

In addition, Prashanth presented on “The Production Experience of the Mine” to delegates at Dassault Systèmes’ booth at IMARC 2018, where he spoke about how best practices and learnings in lean manufacturing can be effectively applied to mining companies looking to re-engineer their business processes through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. View the video highlights above for his insights.


Appointment of LogiCamms as Dassault Systèmes first systems integrator in Australia

On the second day of IMARC on 30 October 2018, Dassault Systèmes signed a system integrator alliance agreement with LogiCamms, which will cover both enterprise technology deployments and implementation services for Dassault Systèmes’ industry solution experiences based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The system integrator alliance further deepens Dassault Systèmes’ successful software collaboration with LogiCamms in Australia established in 2017, which included the development of South Australia’s Virtual Shipyard program for the state’s defence industry and mapping of digital capability for large manufacturing projects.

Read more about the agreement from the ASX announcement by LogiCamms.


MOU signing with ATC Williams

On the third day of IMARC  31 October 2018, Dassault Systemes entered an agreement with ATC Williams, global tailings consultants for the mining and resources sectors, to develop digital water sustainability management solutions for Australia’s mining industry utilising the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Mining companies in Australia are seeking cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly ways to manage their water supply at mining sites to sustain profitability and their social license to operate. One of the key solutions that Dassault Systemes will develop with ATC Williams will focus on water recovering processes from tailings facilities. Tailings are the waste by-products of mining from the extraction of orebodies and is where the majority of mine water can potentially be recovered,

Read more about the MOU from AsiaOne business news.


3DEXPERIENCE Technical Presentations at Dassault Systèmes Booth

Dassault Systèmes’ executives showcased a series of demos on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform at our booth at IMARC.

In this video, we speak to one of our presenters, Charles Elliott, Dassault Systèmes’ Technical Sales Architect, who shares how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform combines geospatial applications with a suite of collaborative tools connecting the entire mining organisation through a ‘single source of truth’ approach.

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Nicole Belbin

Marketing Manager at Dassault Systèmes
Leading Marketing Programs for Dassault Systèmes' Customer Solution Experience team in Australia and New Zealand, focusing on Energy & Materials Industry.