Win 3 Augmented Reality 3D Experience Comic Books!

As a follow-up to previous post “The Missing Piece between Comics and Animation”, here are the three questions for you to win 3 Augmented Reality 3D Experience Comic Books by François Schuiten “La Douce”:

  1. What is the name of the industrial designer of the Type 12 locomotive? (expected answer : first name + last name)
  2. What is the year when the 12.004 locomotive was in service for the last time? (expected answer : four-digit year)
  3. What is the name of the Belgian consortium who built the Type 12 locomotive? (expected answer : name)

You may answer by replying on this blog post (as a comment), on our Facebook page, or to our twitter account @Dassault3DS. First (chronological order according to timestamps) to give the right answer for each of the questions will win a comic book 🙂

Hint: all answers can be found in the previous post (and in links within the post) 😉

Note: Dassault Systèmes’ employees are not entitled to win.

Good luck!

Edit 5/4 @ 15:14 : game over, all 3 comic books were won on Facebook (see post), congrats to the three winners!

The right answers were:

  1. André Huet (source). It was not Raoul Notesse, who was actually the engineer, not the industrial designer.
  2. 1985 (source). It was not 1962 but 1985 the very last time the restored 12.004 ran before being kept at the museum.
  3. Cockerill (source). The gold plaque on the locomotive says “Consortium belge de constructeurs de locomotives COCKERILL – 1939”

  • Kevin Carpentier

    Raoul Notesse

  • Hi Kevin, your answer has been received at 3:26pm, all comic books were already won since 3:13pm on our Facebook page! It was fast, sorry and thanks for your participation 🙂

  • This work is good i appreciate it and so do others,actually we are also under the same business that is 3D Animation Services
    please do have a look.

  • Q1) Andre Huet
    Q2) 1985
    Q3) Cockerill

  • Hi Steve, answers are correct, however the 3 comic books were all won on May 4! Thanks for your participation though!