Video Games Will Make You Cross-Eyed!?!

video-games-cross-eyedBack during the age of Pac-man and Pong, when ATARI was king, and the better games were all at the arcade, my mother would tell me that my excessive video game playing would make me cross-eyed.  I’ll never forget the day my father told my mother that playing video games would improve my hand-eye coordination and visual spacial ability.  Finally, my mother began to realize that I wouldn’t  suffer  Donkey-Kong induced brain-damage, or go cross-eyed from playing Pitfall.  Video-games might actually be good for me???

I’m sure many of you are like me, and your love of computer graphics began when you started playing video games as a child.  I watch my children and the 3D media that they are exposed to today, and I wonder what the future will be like for them.  Bernard Charlès says, “Our children will communicate in 3D”, and I agree, but will all of this new 3D technology improve the next generation’s lives, or visual spacial abilities?

“What would I do if I had the 3D games and design tools that my children have access to today”

I talk to many 2D artists and designers who say they are “intimidated” by 3D, and prefer 2D tools.  Will this change for the next generation?  I encourage my oldest son (9 yrs old) to use 3DVIA Shape as much as possible, and he was not intimidated one bit, but will this actually increase his visual-spatial ability?  Will he and the next generation prefer working in 3D over 2D?  I also wonder, “What would I do if I had the 3D games and design tools that my children have access to today”.  Would it actually make me a better designer or artist, or would I just be more cross-eyed?

  • Hao

    I totally think the next generation will change the way we do things. They play different, they’ll work different. And they’ll expect it, too. Using disruptive tools that will be more usable with better effectiveness and efficiency, whether it’s AR, VW, or VR, they’ll learn to work in mind-blowing ways we never thought possible. Some Hollywood scenes that popup in my head which I hope will become reality one day: Tony Stark working on his suit in holographic 3D (Iron Man), pre-crime cops multitasking in a 3D environment (Minority Reports), and of course, the holodeck simulating people, objects, and programs (Star Trek: TNG).

  • treydarnellh

    Its funny you should say cross eyed because people have been making 3d images with stereoscopic cameras before cameras could capture color. They achieved 3d by staring crosseyed at the picture merging each half together in the center. Google stereo images

  • Justin

    😆 Hey I was wondering who was in the picture because he looks exactly like me I think he might be my twin! Thanks 🙂

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