V6 on the Cloud!

Dassault Systemes Application Innovation Summit
Dominique Florack @ 3DS Application Innovation Summit

As announced earlier, Dassault Systemes’ Application Innovation Summit brought a lot of surprises. But there’s one I thought you’d like very much: V6 is going on the cloud.

Right from the beginning, Dominique Florack, our Senior EVP Products Research & Development, pointed out the rise of Cloud Computing as a major trend of the industry. With increasing use of mobile devices which power grows as fast as Warner Bros’ Roadrunner, Cloud Computing is the thing we have to care about.

Cloud Computing Dassault SystemesAs such, 3DS had to review its entire approach to implementing solutions in customers’ companies. The old way was to deploy products on every computer. Needless to say it takes time: 12 months to the best, 18 on average. The new way is about adopting the product.

Ok I bet it’s tough to get it so I’m gonna give you an example… Say you need 3DVIA Studio. You simply go to our AppStore, buy it and within seconds (and by seconds, I mean seconds) and without any previous installation, it runs on your computer. Via the Cloud.

What’s the common expression for that kind of stuff again? It rocks!!

Don’t you love it? 🙂



  • Sinda

    Hi, I really think that this is the future, we’ll all ahev some sort of mobile device constantly connected to networks. BUT, can this help today? There’s still a huge number of people out there who have old computers and poor internet connections. I used to use Google Docs, but have since reverted back to MS Office tools as the saving took too long over the internet. Basically what I’m syaing is “will there be some sort of solution for the genral public to adopt this great technology in a stepped approach?”

  • Hey Sinda, thanks for your comment! 🙂

    I totally agree with you (as I’m myself always geeking on my phone… –‘) and I personally think cloud computing is facing two major issues at the moment:

    – people need to get used to the concept as it is about leaving your physical properties (hard drives, etc.) and it will not fade away easily

    – secondly, as it’s still the beginning of the cloud story, I’m sure we will see technological improvements (both from the general public’s side and the companies’ side) that will allow a massive adoption.

    “Rendez-vous” in a bit to check that! 😉


  • Roberto Barale

    Hi all,
    … I would just add a third issue:
    what about people working on services like Dassault Systemes VARs?
    Which will be the remaining spaces for working?

  • Hey Roberto!

    Excuse me but I don’t understand your question, can you rephrase it?

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Roberto Barale

    Hi Remy,
    the question is:
    which will be the impact toward services done by Dassault Systemes VARs?
    Cloud architecture will leave a significant part of business to the VARs?
    Could VARs manage services in Clod architecture for the currently supported Dassault Systemes products?
    Sorry for my bad english.