Special Prevue: DS Design Studio’s ‘Future of Design’ Video

What you are about to see is not officially available online anywhere, yet.

In my blogpost Design = Emotion = Day 2@ECF, I promised I’d point you to the DS Design Studio’s Future of Design video clip once available on their website. But I’ve done better. 😉

You’re getting it first as kind of a special prevue. What’s the fun of being subscribed to a blog if you don’t get privileged info?

Warning: you’ll need to wait a few moments for the futuristic part, but I think it’s worth it. And turn up your sound; the music’s a real toe-tapper.

Here’s the video:


What do you think?



  • Few thoughts:

    – I would have enjoyed seeing modifications to the form which were more significant; perhaps changing an underlying control curve to more subtly change the shape.

    – The simulated use (hand grabbing the handle) bothered me; probably because it seemed awkward … a product developer would test a door handle at an appropriate height, imo.

    – I’d have preferred a different scene sequence such that it was more apparent the designer was working with a virtual team; seemed too linear and the payoff (the three view-avatar planes surrounding the virtual object) came too late, afaic.

    – The material and texture specification section should zoom in on the product to show the impact.

    – I would have enjoyed seeing some engineering analysis scenes; perhaps an FEA overlaid onto the object.

    Fun video though. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Hi csven, thanks for your thoughtful comments on the design studio clip! The 1st time I saw it was at ECF and was jazzed by the music and vision. I’m curious to hear more background info from the Design Studio and hear their take on your feedback, but I’m guessing it was meant to be a conceptual video to get us talking and thinking about the future. My understanding is that the Design Studio believes in 3D as a medium for designers to work more freely as well as increase collaboration possibilities. They’re really into VR applications to boost design too.

  • spiderman

    I can not agree more on the comments made on virtual teams by csven…..on the texture part also , we should be able to check on design aspect of the part at anytime!
    but i really like the fact the design is being sculpt like a real solid piece of material!
    great video …

  • KDI

    Inspiring. Microsoft has just announced a peripheral enabling the XBox360 to track the movements of the body (even the fingers) in 3D and to recognize voice commands and all that in a multi user environment (see Kate’s post about project Natal). Fiction/Anticipation/Reality, I can’t tell anymore… And I can’t wait!

  • When you compare this video to the Natal video, I think this one looks like it would be possible sooner than the other. N’est-ce pas?

  • AlienEarthed

    wow this just made me think of ironman technology existing somewhere in my vicinity .. how long for the hands-on experience !!!… just mind freezing stuff ….DS