Social Innovation in Plain English!

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.

…said Albert Einstein.

Well, I’m hoping that you and your grandmother will be able to understand the benefits of Social Innovation after having watched this short video.

So, did you understand? Should I have explained it better? Did you like it?

Let me know your thoughts…

Sustainably yours,

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  • I think it’s a really get idea.
    But how would you start a project like that?
    We are thinking of that in my company as well.
    But it’s a Japanese company. So I am the only one who can speak English. But I also I want to have social innovation like that too.

  • michael

    nice one jonathan! i love the animation style. not sure my grandmother would have understood, but i try with my wife …

  • Starting a project is as easy as any cloud service, i.e. we, at DS, supply the online collaboration platform that you connect to and configure. If you need more data servers then you ask for more. The client applications are either free or for more sophisticated usage we have SaaS. The coice is yours…

  • That’s what DS should have done the past 5 years for some of their products – sorry but I just couldn’t resist! ;P
    It’s not that we (community&customers) did not suggest it…

  • A nice, practical example of social innovaiton. I think a lot of social computing in product innovation, product development, and engineering will be internal to start and examples of truly community-based innovation will be less common. On the other hand, they promise some very unique value.
    I recently blooged and posted a research paper on the topic for anyone interested:…ct-development/

  • Jonathan

    Jim, thanks for the comment. I completely agree that social innovation will be internal at the beginning. Besides the maturity of technology, I don’t think we’ve yet thought of robust solutions or even mindsets that take into account the intellectual property protection or whether we should even have any!! By the way, I can’t get your link to work??

  • Volker Klare

    The URL for Jims comment is

    btw Jonathan – Thanks for letting me use your video within my ECF 2009 pitch on PLM 2.0. It was appreciated very much!