RDV 10 a.m. @Virtual Corporate Headquarters for Big Announcement


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good, old-fashioned debate on 3D Perspectives. Time to stir the pot!

My question is this: Do Virtual Worlds have real potential in the Corporate World?

I mean, do you actually think you’ll one day attend virtual conferences, expos, or meetings as part of your corporate job?

Is this truly the wave of our mainstream corporate futures?

Allez, let’s chat!

And if you’re too shy for chatting, please answer the poll below.
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  • Hao


    PS. That looks delicious. What is it? Red Curry?

  • Hi Hao,

    So you fit into the “bright future” category? I’m more of a “hazy” because while I enjoy using Cisco’s immersive telemeeting technology, am a consumer of live streaming, webex, etc., I haven’t yet taken the plunge to 3D immersive meetings, conferences or other. I love 3D and the promise virtual worlds bring. But I can’t imagine participating in 3D virtual events anytime soon. Perhaps I’m showing my age.

    So you think this will become mainstream? It seems possible now, but until corporations demand their employees’ participation, I don’t think it will be.

    When will the corporate webex turn into a 3D virtual meeting?

    About the food, I’m not sure what it is since I wasn’t the chef. Could be something spicy, or maybe a creamy chocolaty kind of concoction. 😉

    Bon weekend,

  • 3D Conferences will have the future, in my view. However, I think the next step requires some technological development. The quality of lines is still not on the level that will allow wide distribution. It may work for big corporation centers, but not for smaller companies and individuals. Best, Oleg

  • Great Topic Kate…I have had this same discussion many times. Currently, all corporate events I have attended or worked have been very basic (just avatars, and videos/demos)…boring!

    I do believe this will change, however, when the virtual events add more rich content to include games, challenges, education, or product trials. For example, if a user had the chance to attend an event and test a product virtually before they purchased it, they would be more interested in attending. With current technology, and high-speed internet, I believe have the ability to make virtual events much more exciting!

  • Cliff, I like your idea about using virtual corporate gatherings to offer experiences not yet possible in real life. THIS would add real value!

    Oleg, tell me more about what you think needs to happen technology-wise for virtual corporate events to become accessible to smaller companies?

    Best, Kate

  • Virtual corporate events?? It could never be the same for me, I know others may differ but its the social side I love so much, I mean good food, wine, conversation and humour, great venues and experiences, thats how corporate events should be so they leave a lasting impression. Trouble is that I am old school and perhaps a little bias??

  • Kate

    Sure, nothing replaces live events, but with shrinking budgets and resources, not everybody can get to them. The question is how to make virtual events appealing and worthwhile for folks.