MADEA Concept Company: Surfing Simulation

MADEA Concept Dassault Systemes surf surfing

Have you ever dreamt of surfing right in a city center? It’s what the guys from MADEA Concept want to turn into reality.

I met them a few weeks ago as they’re part of our Passion for Innovation program and boy I was immediately seduced by their idea. Basically it allows you to try surfing in a simulator. Ok, fine. But when you see people trying it, whether they’re beginners or advanced surfers, you want to experience it right away, it’s so much fun! 😀

Need a proof? Check this out and pump the volume:

[youtube width=”465″ height=”286″]

So what do you think guys? I’m sure they will grow pretty quickly, it’s just too awesome!



PS: with the summer, it would be perfect in your garden wouldn’t it? 😉

  • I think surfing simulation will give the best memories to surfer. it will really help to learn surfing for beginners also 😀

  • Definitely! It was hard to be interviewing people and not put a swimsuit on and give it a try! ^^

  • Aurelien

    @Remi I can’t even believe you went to see them WITHOUT trying it >_<

  • haha I know! 😥 it’s a shame but that was the only way I could interview people to bring you a nice article! 😉