Khufu Reborn Project Is Top Secret

Some things remain Top Secret even when you’re on the inside.  This is the case for me and Khufu Reborn, aka Kheops Revealed Part Two. 

Next Thursday morning I will attend Jean-Pierre Houdin’s and Dassault Systèmes’ conference at La Géode.  I’m told we’ll learn more secrets about how The Great Pyramid of Kheops was built. 

Top Egyptology bloggers like Keith Payne and Marc Chartier will be with us, digesting, analyzing and blogging about the presentation as only experts can.

Quoting Keith’s latest post, here’s a hint of what’s to come:

“Team Dassault Systèmes have put much effort into determining whether or not [Houdin’s] theories could work and whether his interpretation of the evidence fits into the physical and technological world of Hemienu, Khufu’s Overseer of Royal Projects.”

See the full article here.  It’s also an excellent Kheops Revealed recap.   

Stay tuned for more, and please let me know if you have any specific questions for Jean-Pierre, Mehdi or Richard regarding the project. 



  • Hi Kate,

    Things certainly are hush-hush around Khufu Reborn! And the anticipation doesn’t help! Minutes feel like days!

    I have been trying to pry some hints from Jean-Pierre, but he is on to my game. All he says is “Wait like everyone else.”

    So, as Marc keeps telling me, we are all in the same boat until Thursday. 😐


  • Kate

    Hi Keith, yes and to build momentum, Vincent offers some speculation as to what will be revealed. Any take on the photo/clue he published?
    best, kate

  • Hmmm.. I must recuse myself from the speculation. You see, I arrived in Paris days ago and have been sneaking into Jean-Pierre’s secret files while he was at la Geode with the rest of the team setting up!

    Ok, ok… a fantasy of mine. Contemplated, but not carried through. But to be honest, I do not know what lies hidden in plain view in the photo on Vincent’s site. Jean-Pierre also hinted to me some time ago that there was something of extreme import in the photo. For about six months it has been the “wall paper” on my large flat screen monitor, and I have nearly driven myself bonkers looking at it.

    As with many things “in plain view” on the Giza Plateau, you either see it or you don’t, and M. Houdin has an uncanny ability to see it. Fortunately, he takes great joy in sharing what he sees!

    But as I said over at Vincent’s place, one thing I will speculate on is I think the face on the Sphinx is Khufu, not Khafre. For one, it resembles Khufu much more. For another, when approached from Memphis the Sphinx is in profile to the Great Pyramid, and artistic representation in Egypt, from reliefs to hieroglyphics, is in profile, not straight on. This could be nothing, but still… Sure looks like Khufu to me…

    We depart for Paris tomorrow morning. Should I even bother trying to sleep?


  • Wabhaty

    Nope. Planes are for sleeping. It makes the time go by faster. Just don’t snore!

  • Kate

    Keith you should for sure sleep because you won’t once you get here. 😉

  • Hi Kate & Keith,
    I\’ve added a few more images in the comments to speculate over:

    Have fun at the conference guys!


  • Thanks Vincent, interesting indeed!

  • Alban

    After a few problems with the DRM system 😛 that prevented the conference on the 5th of april to happen, I’ve been one of the fews who were watching the discoveries of Jean Pierre. And it’s darn impressive. For the first time I had no questions. Everything fitted in place and for the first time I was able to witness with my own eyes what could have been the construction of a such masterpiece. Those egyptians knows how to build massive things for sure 🙂 Thanks for the sharing !

  • Kurt Burnum

    I have a question about Jean-Pierre Houdin’s documentary by Dassaullt Systems” Khufu Reborn” specifically the, “15th year” chapter. My question: During the construction of the ceiling in, “The King’s Burial Chamber” how did the Ancient Egyptians keep the counter weight trolley from sliding back down, “The Grand Gallery” enclosure once the ballast weights on the other end had been removed from the sled on the 43rd level to allow space for another stone beam, or rafter to be put on the sled, and hoisted up to the 64th level?

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