I love my Austin Mini and Wacky Races!

I’m a big fan of classic cars and motorbikes, I’ve got three altogether. My 1987 Austin Mini is my daily runner and I love it. It’s a bit sick at the moment, so I’ve got to look after it! Luckily for sick Minis there are lots of parts available on numerous websites and always so many friendly people to give you advice.

But don’t worry, I do hire big “modern” cars for holidays; my family appreciates the comfort, luggage capacity and above all the safety…and of course, the geek in me likes the gadgets! But there’s something I do in modern cars that I never do in my old “bangers”… I nearly fall asleep at the wheel!

I’m not saying that modern cars should break down and make squeaky noises like old cars, but what about the emotional experience?

Take, for example, the cool commercial for the Peugeot 208. It’s the Wacky Races!
[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/65182013[/vimeo] He even gets Penelope at the end, I can’t believe it!

I loved the Wacky Races as a child (and secretly still do), and knew that Transportation & Mobility was where I wanted to work when I grew up. Peugeot’s commercial is so well done, but it got me thinking, which car would I rather be in? The 208 or one of the Wacky racing cars, well I know for sure which would be more fun!

And that’s just it; modern cars are just not fun anymore (except of course expensive thoroughbred sports cars). Modern cars are much safer, they’re quieter, have better music systems, they are an engineering miracle! But, I feel we’ve lost the pleasure of being mobile. I have more fun being mobile when jogging than driving a modern car down a country lane at 100kph!

Peugeot’s purpose “Motion & Emotion” really speaks to me, it really is that. Jump up and down with joy or sit like a sac when you’re sad. We cannot disconnect our emotions with our motions.

What do you think should happen? Should future mobility be more emotional no matter if we take the train, a car, a bicycle or a tram?

In the mean time I’ll still be keeping my 1987 Austin Mini 😉

Mobilely yours,

  • michael

    love your emotional post jon 🙄

  • Thanks Michael 🙂
    My mobility today will certainly be emotional when I take my motorbike out into the rain!

  • Neno Horvat

    very nice post, Jon and for sure an important one.

    No surprise that a new breed of specialists is re-inventing the art of “sound design” at our Automotive customers (at Porsche I read it´s 120 people). Most high-end models start roaring by simply selecting the “sports”-mode – and VW Group is welding resonating chassis parts to the 8-cylinder Audi A8 and the 3-cylinder small cars alike.
    Interestingly, the new top-models start offering audio entertainment systems that claim to be higher-end then what you can realize in a living room (Burmester etc. entering this market with what they call 3D audio).

    I guess we can prepare for further innovative and sophisticated technologies to try to create driving emotion including the “good old times” feeling – with the drawback or advantage that we can shut them off like ESC whenever we want 😀