How to become an online 3D TV director?

In photo: Nicolas Serikoff, TVnima manager; Benoit Marini (his avatar) 3D avatar engine lead; Kate fm 3D Perspectives; Mehdi Tayoubi Interactive Media Director
In photo: Nicolas Serikoff TVnima manager; Benoit Marini (his avatar) 3D avatar engine lead; Kate fm 3D Perspectives; Mehdi Tayoubi interactive media director

It’s time to add a third dimension to 3D Perspectives. Instead of reading this blog article, I thought you’d enjoy watching it in 3D on TVnima. See how many famous people you can find in the 3D show:

My take is that online 3D machinima applications, like TVnima, give you more professional-quality communications Powah. And in some ways you get more than real-life professional options, if you look at cameras for example. In TVnima there are 24 (yes, 24). How many in real life?

As Buzz Lightyear would say,

To infinity and beyond!



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  • moin

    dear tvnima staff iam an employee of a hospital n there is a presentation tht i really need to display it wud mean a lot fr my career but since im not gettin the key its not possible can u plz gimme one plz i really need this break

  • moin

    gee thx fr the key guys its absolutley fascinating

  • Ingrid

    Hello! I just found out about Tvnima in my informatic class and I am very excited about what i saw. I am a student and I have a Task to do for that class. I really want to impress my teacher because i know I have a lot of creativity and i can use it to create something nice. How do I get a registration key?
    thanks a lot

  • Matt

    Hi. I just found out about this amazing software on YouTube and I was wondering if you could give me a registration key so I could try it.

    Thank you very much,

  • Hi Matt, I just sent your TVnima key to your email account. Thanks to keep us posted and share your good work/send feedback. Best, Kate

  • Hi Ingrid, I just sent your key. Let us know how it goes. Best, Kate

  • Sherry

    hey kate! … my school assigned me to do a power point presentation about Adolf Hitler and i have to come up with a great presentation in about 2! days :S .. anyways i LOVE the tvnima idea its so modern and i think it really will impress the audience so i tried the site but it mentioned something about a “registration key?” i inserted my email and all but i still dont get it , is the registration key going to be kinda like a password … also is tvnima for free? 🙂 please reply!!! 😀

  • Hi Sherry, yes TVnima is free. Sounds like you registered for a free key on the TVnima website, so you should have your key by now. Please contact me if you haven’t received it. And good luck with your presentatin! Best, Kate

  • Sherry

    thats so awesome , thank you so much!!!! cant wait to get started 😀 😀

  • Sherry

    Hey kate …. I finished the project on power point (2007) and i’ve added the voice recordings .. could you please inform me on how to get the power point presentation In the tvnima show??
    Tyyy 😀

  • Sherry

    lol figured that part out ^^ , im done with the project and i owe it all to Tvnima! thanks again! your site is amazing !! 😀

  • Mushtaq

    I have used tvnima 2 years ago for my final year project presentation.At that time registration key was not required. I need to make multimedia presentation again using tvnima but i dont have regisration key now.Kate can you email me the registratin key, its urgent, i already waited for key for a week but got no response. Thanks in advance.


  • salim ismail

    Is TVNima free? how to get the registration key? i want to depict the male character as insurrance agent who can describe insurance policy benefits.
    Can i do that with tvnima?
    having read so many comments, i think i come to the right place for creating multimedia presentation.

  • Jochen

    Hi Kate, great website & it looks like a fantastic way to ‘upgrade’ my presentations. As a teacher trainer for a university college, I would like to use this for my lessons. I’ve already signed up for a registration key, but untill now I have not received any confirmation. Can you help me with the registration key, please! TNX in advance!

  • salim

    I have registered for the key but i haven’t received it on my email. can you plz send me the Reg key on my email.

  • Hi Salim, Jochen, Mushtag,

    Sorry about the delay with the TVnima keys. You should have received them by now. If not, please let me know and I’ll ensure you get them this week!

    Best of luck with your projects,

  • Atanu


  • Kayla

    Hi Kate,
    Wow! What an amazing program! I aplied for a key this morning. Please send one to me as soon as possible:) Thank you

  • Hi Atanu, I checked with the project manager and you should have your key by now. Please let me know if this isn’t the case and I’ll see what I can do. Best, Kate

  • Hi Kayla, you should have your key shortly. Please let us know if it doesn’t come through and we’ll get things moving. Best,Kate

  • Mic

    Looks like great fun I applied for a key this evening I can’t wait to get my class using it.


  • Kate

    Hi Mic, I hope you and your students enjoy using TVnima! Don’t be shy about sharing your finsihed projects with us! Best, Kate

  • Alex


    I’d like use TVNima for a presentation of a new webprinter interface to help my colleagues to use it.

    I have ask an invitation on the TVNima webpage but I don’t know if it s passed.

    Best Regards and thank’s for the great project.


  • Thomas

    Hi Kate loved your presentation, I am studying to be a teacher and is always looking for a new way to make learning more interesting, but need a registration key. Can you help me ?

  • Hi Thomas, thanks for your comment. I don’t have anymore personal keys to give away, but you can register for a free key here: If you don’t hear back within a few days, please let me know and I’ll check into it. Best, Kate

  • Hi Alex, have you heard back yet about your TVnima key? I’ll try to help if not. Best, Kate

  • Oh wow! I loved looking at these animation movies. This is really nice technology for sure. I can keep the attention going with a lot of my younger students when I teach SolidWorks. Even the adult students would get a kick out of this as I do recorded demonstrations. Where you you get a chance to kick the tires with this?

  • To Richard: there you go! 😉

  • Max

    Wow! What an amazing program! I aplied for a key this morning. Please send one to me as soon as possible:) Thank you

  • @Max: There you go! 😉

  • Max

    very Thanks!!!

  • Max


  • Sherry

    Hi, I was wondering why can’t I make an avatar on tvnima? I always get stuck while browsing for the picture it says “updating” but it never completes loading…i’ve tried different browsers but its still the same problem.

    They aren’t my pictures so I can take it by webcam..
    any thoughts on how to fix this?

    thanks in advance:)

  • Hey Sherry!
    Sorry ’bout that. The best thing to do is to send an e-mail at contact(at) with screenshots & links so that they can help you fixing the problem. It shouldn’t take long!
    But please get back to us if there’s any other issue! 🙂

  • Sherry

    Thanks, I’ll be sure to do that right away:)

  • Andrew Thorpe

    i have signed up to this tvnima. and have herd nothing. i am a music producer and teacher at college. i would like to use this in some projects but have herd nothing….. why is this. now im afraid i will get behin on my projects

  • Hey Andrew,

    Same as Sherry, try sending an e-mail to contact(at) they’ll help you with that! 😉

  • joana

    Hello everybody! My name is Joana , i’m spanish and i will love to use this awesome program,but i dont have a registration key, can anybody help me?

  • Hello Joana,
    You should have received your key registration directly on your email.
    Have fun using Tvnima 🙂

  • Susan


    My name is Susan and I’ve just discovered the amazing effects you can get using Tvnima. I’m working on a presentation on different types of newsletters and I’d love to try this software. However, the site demands a registration key. Could anyone give me a hand, please?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Hi Susan, thanks for your interest in TVnima! Actually you can simply go here and fill in the form (what you describe in your comment should be fine enough). Have fun with TVnima 🙂

  • Tanya

    Hi Kate. Wow! 😀 What an amazing program! I aplied for a key this morning. I am a student, I have told my teacher about this program.Please send one to me as soon as possible:) Thank you. you are the best.I hope you have a great day. 🙂

    Tanya 8)

  • Photini Christoforou

    Hi my name is Photini and i am a postgraduate student on ICT course in the university of Nottingham. I am planning to do a presentation for my collegues and i found Tvnima really interesting. Although i have registered for the key but i didn’t get it yet. Is it possible to send it again?

  • Enrique

    My name is Enrique, I’m a teacher and I would like to use TVnima to my studients but I don’t have the key. So, I wondered if someone could help me, please? 🙄

  • Hi Enrique, most welcome! Did you ask for a registration key here? –>
    Have a great day!

  • Hi Photini, sorry for the very late reply, it must have missed our monitoring. Did you manage to get the registration key at all? Thank you!

  • Hi Kate

    We’ve been looking for a long time for an offering that performs like TVNIma, but nothing really fits. However; TVNima seems to fit exactly with our requirements, and I would appreciate the opportunity to use the TVNima beta to construct our investor pitch.
    Whatever the beta requirements are we’ll be happy to oblige.

    Robert Safaric
    COO HighFlyer Careers