Driving for Green: a mini poll

Following my previous blogpost Would you buy this eco car?, I’d like your opinion on what would make you change your driving habits and/or buy an eco car.

I’ve setup a 4-question poll, all you have to do is select from multiple choice answers. You won’t see the answers now, but I’ll be presenting the answers in a couple of weeks in dedicated posts per subject.

Thanks and here we go…

  • Al

    Last question is stupid, because it asks you if you would agree to particate to something only given by its internet adress. People doing this survey having no more information just say “No” (as I did)

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for your comment, yes the last question is basic in its description, but I did it deliberately to provoke interaction :-). TEQs are just one example of energy quotas that could be introduced to help people control and offset their CO2 contribution. For example, you live a fugal life – you sell spare quota and make money; you live a high CO2 life – you have to buy quota. It will only work of course if we all make an effort to begin with in reducing our carbon footprint, otherwise the rich will stay polluters and the poor non-polluters…

  • I agree with Al. However, I did visit the listed web-site and tried to understand the scheme.

    I fail to understand why we need to complicate the entire matter so much. How is the TEQ scheme any different than imposing a tax on energy consumption depending on the source of energy consumed? Individuals and Institutions that need to consume more will have to pay proportionately more in both schemes. As far as laddering goes, increase the tax over time. In my opinion, both will generate the same intended result of adjusting the consumer behavior.