Dymola Libraries in Action:CATIA V6

Hey there! My name is Caroline Heleu and I’m an intern with the CATIA Product Introduction team.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some of my top product demo videos and interviews with their makers.  I’d like to begin with Dymola and what I learned by speaking with Fabrice Pinot, one of our systems engineers.

The video by Roberto Licata is about CATIA V6R2011 SYSTEMS New Dymola Libraries

This is a feature-based video we posted on YouTube to illustrate what the new release of CATIA is bringing. In this example, we are delivering new goodness for systems engineering. It mostly shows the additional libraries that contain behaviors you can apply on your geometry. Thanks to this you can simulate these behaviors in 3D.

Of course you can mix different physical aspects in your 3D.  All this is based on complex mathematical equations; physical phenomena are described using equations to conveniently model complex physical systems containing for example mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, etc.

What you see in this video is not a simple animation; this is a true simulation, based on these mathematical equations.

We have been able to model an ABS system on one of the 2 SUV’s. You can clearly see in 3D how each SUVs reacts.  The one with ABS simply stops but the other one skids, loses control and rolls over. And the video shows the user modeling and actually “putting” the behaviors on the different part of the breaking system down to the suspension, then simulating these SUVs in a specific environment, here on a slippery road.

I’d like to highlight another point Fabrice made.  Thanks to Dymola, you don’t need to use additional systems engineering software to test scenarios like before.  Staying within the CATIA V6 environment you can do achieve this process.

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Caroline Heleu is interning with CATIA.




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  • Daniel

    Hello, I am an automation and computer science student. I read your article and I have a question. The idea is that I want to do (as a project) a control system for a water tank. Sure I can model the tank, level sensors and in/out valves in CATIA but I need Dymola to simulate the dynamic behaviour of the tank system.
    Does CATIA v6 have a intedrated Dymola ??? because Mr.Fabrice said “Thanks to Dymola, you don’t need to use additional software to test scenarios like before. Staying within the CATIA V6 environment you can do achieve this process.”
    Can I use CATIA v6 to model this water tank system and the simulate the dynamics of fillng up, level control, overflow….still within Catia ? Thank you very much, i hope i made my point, i’m new to this software:))

  • Hey Daniel !

    Yes indeed Dymola is part of the V6 PLM Systems (RFLP) under the name DBM so you can do it within the same environment!

    Tell me if you need more information! 🙂

  • Daniel

    Thank you for the reply. Since then I did more research work and is clear now 🙂

    The final goal is to have a HIL simulation. The plant (very simple 🙂 ) will be simulated in Dymola, the control will be done by a real Omron PLC and the signal exchange between PC and PLC will be done trough a data acquisition board by National Instruments.
    My BIG problem now is that I have no idea on how to link a Dymola simulation running on a PC to the data obtained from the data acquisition board.
    I look forward to any suggestion or tip 🙂
    Thank you very much , Daniel

  • Your stuff sounds exciting! 🙂

    Here is what the people at CATIA told me:

    “Today we can generate code for HIL for specific purposes like xPC Target or DSpace. NI data acquisition board are not officially supported in our portfolio.

    However , Dymola is able to generate C code from the plant model so you can customize it to integrate the connection with the NI board.”

    Hope this helps! Will you show us your project result? Could be nice… 😉