Drawing in 3D

What is seducing a designer to use 100% digital equipment to documenting and developing ideas?

Capturing creativity is a sensual act with decisions taken within micro seconds. Nothing must disturb the magic moment when the ideas flow from brain to the documentation support. For centuries or even back to the stone age designers have relayed on a pencil and a box of color crayons to serve the purpose of documenting their design intent.

I recall the mid ‘90s when I visited at the Opel/GM development center in Rüsselsheim, Germany, for a business project. Open space offices were hung with impressive hand-made sketches and drawings of vehicles on transparent paper, thus manifesting the team’s creative outbursts.

Now a new generation of designers has been raised who are drawing directly on computer screens. And they seem to prefer this approach as their natural way to go about their job. In addition, with a digital input there are some advantages on the down-stream processes: the possibility of applying changes, the effectiveness of re-use and transfer to other media, as well as the ease of enriching content, such as varying colors, further detailing  or adding background for presentations up until photo-realistic rendering.

At the Dassault Systèmes European Customer Conference which took place two weeks ago in Paris we were able to observe what seems to be a breakthrough in this path of development towards a comprehensive approach: Industrial Designers now can use CATIA with a pen and tablet device from WACOM to directly draw in 3D.

has been a partner in our Emerging Technologies Program since last year and has been working with the teams from CATIA and the Design Studio to develop this integrated solution.


With the availability of this functionality the door opens to a closed digital loop from documenting the first idea to developing a product design which is ready to be manufactured.

This sounds like science fiction to you? It still does it to me. But it’s nevertheless real. Have a look at the video:

Listen to the 3D drawing experience of Julien Fournier, who is using this technology to design Haute Couture:

Up to the creative people of the world to check this out.




A scientist by education I learned to enjoy more to work with people across cultural hemispheres than in a lab. This is why partnerships and alliances has become my domain of choice. My job at DS is to help our Tech Solution Partners global ecosystem to show how they can contribute their expertise to the global PLM solution and 3D experience. Our partners are experts in their specialties which makes me learn a thing or two every day. I enjoy that too.

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  • Yaser

    Great technology…what is the model of the tablet PC used for this demo?

  • DS_Designer

    Hi, for this demo it is a Cintiq 24UX from Wacom. here the link http://www.wacom.com/

  • I am more interested in purchasing the application can i migrate from r2009 to 2012????
    what is the price for catia r6 2012 anyways i couldnt find it anywhere on online stores?
    license for 1 person only, private usage..

  • For a sales contact please refer to http://www.3ds.com/contact/

  • Hello you
    I would like to know
    Which is the best program CATIA or solidworks

    I’m looking for tutorials professional
    I am a big fan of solidworks
    But I have a lot of curiosity for CATIA

    I wish I knew
    How much the price of the original currency of the dollar for all applications program solidworks
    Program, as well as CATIA
    Is it possible to request the purchase and get them to me to Oman
    I am so afraid of I purchase the software through the net

  • Hi Khalil, thanks for your interest in both SolidWorks and CATIA! 🙂 Are you a student or a professional? Depending on your answer I will redirect you to the appropriate local partner.

  • Thanks for the reply
    I’m still a student
    I need the two programs and literally
    I seksh painter cars and I have my own project in the sports car industry

  • I use SolidWorks to create Digital Abstract Art and I am looking for anyone that does the same or would like to try it. For additional information see http://www.facebook.com/StoltzfusDigitalAbstractArt

    Thanks, John