DraftSight Halloween Trick and Treat

Copyright: Don Scarborough

It’s not often that I get to link Dassault Systèmes software to fun holidays like Halloween, but today I’ve got a trick AND treat in store for you.

The Trick
Use DraftSight to design your Halloween pumpkin!  The software is available online and FREE.  The pumpkin design activity would be a fun, engaging educational/family activity.  Who knows, it may even inspire some professional choices for your kids?

The Treat
Your pumpkin will look dynamite and make all your neighbors jealous!

Here’s a video showing exactly how you can do this at home:

If you do end up DraftSighting your Halloween pumpkin, please let us know by uploading a photo of your masterpiece to this post’s comment section.  We’d love to see your results!

Have a nice weekend,


  • Fantastic. Nice use for the DraftSight program. I hope that the design as well as the making of the pumpkin cutouts were done togeter by the children and a supervising adult for a full work together project. Really nice going here. My congratulations to the Dassault Systemes Team.

  • Mark Lyons

    Thanks Richard!

    The two children in the video are my 8 year old twins. Mariah did indeed make the cad drawings. She made a hand sketch that we scanned into the computer. Brought the scanned document into DraftSight and recreated it there. They both shared the duties of cutting out the pumpkins. This was a very fun project for us, and they were really excited to do it.


  • very interesting Video and software.. and very inspiring for those parents who wants their children to become design professionals someday! nice work!

  • Mark Lyons

    Thank you!

    My 10 year old daughter actually loves to use DraftSight on her school projects.