Digital Manufacturing: PLM on the Shop Floor

Digital Manufacturing closes the PLM creation to production gap

Today’s Friday and we all know what that means.  Finishing the week’s business, including tidying up the ole email inbox.

I was thus catching up on our Intercim acquisition and came across this video.  Dare I say it’s digitally delightful?

The condensed message: we’re taking a new step in PLM by closing the digital divide between product designers/engineers and product manufactures.  Yep, PLM on the shop floor.

This translates to “as built = as designed”, which can be quite a challenge, espcially in highly regulated industries.

Crank up your volume and enjoy!  Bonus:  manufacturing stats featured at the end.

Have a great weekend!


  • This market is getting very interesting! Manufacturing has always been at the center of the product lifecycle, but has often been treated as a poor stepchild. Adding actual plant floor execution into the virtual world of DELMIA should provide very interesting results. We now have two major CAD players and two major ERP players all providing both PLM and MES/MOM suites. Designers and manufacturers should end up winning over the long haul. The challenge for these large players is always to keep up the pace of innovation in all of these varied product lines. Congratulations to Dassault and to Intercim. We are watching!

  • Thanks Julie!