DesignStudio Showreel 2010: Dassault Systèmes Design

There’s a curious couple in the latest DS DesignStudio’s video, can you spot them?

To get your Friday off to an energetic start, I thought you’d enjoy this Showreel video that shows what our friends Anne Asensio and the Design Studio have been up to in 2010.

For the full effect, I highly suggest you pump up the volume (danse).


Have you hugged your designer today?  😉



  • Delahaye

    Refreshing, enjoyable, useful, beautiful. This is a short but intense demonstration of the impact of conveying ideas putting Design and Emotion as an integral part of the message.
    Another piece of good news : this is a teaser. A lot more is coming for the greatest benefits of our users !

  • Gervais

    Thanks a lot for this video that illustrate what Designers will be able to do with CATIA V6
    Best Regards,
    Luc Gervais

  • Francois Bouffard

    Great video, full of energy and very stimulating.

  • Kate

    Hi guys, glad you like the video! What Delahaye said is true, this is only the tip of the iceburg . . . 😉 Best, Kate