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Create and convince, the two obsessions of creative designers.




Yes, creation has always been the key mission and challenge for designers. It’s a difficult exercise to work on future products, trying to anticipate and visualize future consumer trends. And it is even more difficult to sell this vision to decide whether it will be developed or not.

Recently one of my designer friends told me that he has to spend almost half of his time to convince people about his design proposals. This means that any tool that can help him to present, explain and convince decision makers about his design intent is critical to his success.



As you know designers also have a strong visual culture and way of communication. This is the reason why industrial design software like CATIA for Design offers photorealistic real-time and rendering visualization tools. To help designers communicate their Designs.

ENSCI Minivan
Strate College - Concept Autolib

Not too long ago designers used to communicate their design intent with only sketches and sometimes with physical clay prototypes. Today’s new generation designers express and communicate their ideas and creations with sketches as do painters, but also with 3D visualization as do sculptors.


ENSCI – Agathe Fournis
ENSCI – Agathe Fournis

With this design visualization contest we would like to give you the opportunity to share your visuals and rendering made with Dassault Systèmes CATIA software solutions. To participate, just post in the comments section of this blog article your rendering or screen-shot of realtime visualization. Feel free to add any comments or details about your visuals and the story of the product or the image.





Share your passion, blow away the DS community,

and win an Apple iPod touch.

Post your visuals until the July 12, 2009. On July 25, 2009 a Dassault Systemes jury will publish the 5 best visuals on the Design Studio community website and the top 3 winners will receive an Apple iPod Touch.

  • IMA+GS1+PH1


    A Residencial Building


  • DEWALT 7.25″ WormDrive Saw, Designed in V5 R15, rendered in PHS. Extensive use of stickers!


  • Modeled in Generative Shape Design and rendered in Photo Studio workbench CATIA V5 R19. Presented in powerpoint. Research and Development project at Miami-Dade College into advanced surfacing.


  • vente

    modelisation 3D pour conception reel.


  • vente

    de la modelisation a la realisation…


  • Thank you for participating in the contest! Here’s the post showing the Top 3 winners and a best-of video. Enjoy!

  • Mohammad reza

    i design it in CATIA V5R18…

  • I’m sure that you could host a talent search with your site. Companies could ask for a thing designed and the winner would get the prize money. Suited for freelancers, it could be a competition and companies would end up getting real quality.

    Some of these graphic designs are very good.

    The concept furniture is what’s most interesting and highest in demand. I’ll be back here looking for innovation.

  • Kate

    Hey everyone, there’s a new CATIA contest called “Creativity in 3D” just launched. We’d love to have your participation. Please submit your entry by May 7. We’ll announce the winnders May 19. Details here:

  • JLed


    Some renders.
    Audi TT and formula one are not original design but all objects are made with Catia V5 GSD (except vegetation).

    3DVia link :

    Have a good week.


  • GURUCAD V5 CABIN LAYOUT GENERATION product provides a standardised/easy tool to create an inteligent 2D and 3D layout directly in CATIA V5. All cabin components can be integrated in this application and also new components types can be created.






  • chetan

    sarfacing is good in catia-V5 & creating good sheet metal design ,rendering is auto motive engine