Design School Miniseries Final Article: Playing Spiderman

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I’ve dedicated this final episode to another project from one of The Nantes Atlantiques School of Design’s students. This blog post is for the forever-young…

For those of you who have always dreamt of being a super hero, flying with Superman, fighting with Batman and climbing buildings with Spiderman, YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!

The Spider Hero project has turned fantasy into reality for the forever-young whom have always wanted to have the same powers as Marvel’s SpiderMan. Flying over the city, jumping from one building to another, or staying still to contemplate the city from the sky… sounds exciting right?

The concept is that Spider Hero enables visitors to ricochet from one building to another on a cobweb in a virtual city.   It reproduces visuals and sound effects for more intense sensations and immersion.

This Virtual Reality application is based on a system using unexpected and unusual tools: a vacuum cleaner, a rubber tube, a servomotor, a WiiMote, a thread and a WiiBoard.

The user stands on the WiiBoard, which is equipped with movement sensors. He wears a glove connected to a rubber tube with a thread. Using a system that exerts a pulling force, he targets buildings or moves in closer until he almost collides with them, feeling the wind blowing around him. Just like SpiderMan…

The thread that the user holds stretches out to recreate the sensation of movement.

This project was presented during the Laval Virtual conference. Spider Hero was also worked on in collaboration with students from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST).

I think these students are genius.  Would you like this kind of VR game?



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