Clara Halter’s Peace Projects

Clara Halter in the LIVES @3DS
Clara Halter in the LIVES @3DS

Today I had the honor and pleasure to meet Clara Halter.  I’m tempted to say that she’s dedicated to the fight for peace, but those words don’t go well together, do they? 

Non.  Clara’s mission is to weave the “music of peace” into our minds and hearts through physical Peace Monuments situated in places we’d least expect them.  For example:

After an immersive 3D real-time experience in The LIVES with Clara and her husband and novelist Marek (FR bio), we discussed various projects and The Art of Choosing.  According to Dr. Sheena Iyengar, our desire to exercise choice is instinctive on an animal level.  Yet how and what we choose is influenced by our cultural backgrounds and the quantity of possibility.  But I’m digressing . . .

Clara & Marek Halter with Mehdi Tayoubi @3DS
Clara & Marek Halter with Mehdi Tayoubi @3DS

I hope to stay in touch with Clara as she builds her projects and share more on 3D Perspectives later . . .



  • Silvia

    Hi Kate,
    searched all the web hoping to find a contact address (email or classic) of Clara Halter – but unfortunately couldn’t find any. 🙁
    So I thought that, maybe & since you met her not too long ago, you might help me to get in contact with her?
    Would very much appreciate to receive a short msg from yours anyway, thanks!
    Kindest regards,