Chocapic Virtual Reality Part 2: sneak look

“We must keep the magic cauldron alive!”

This isn’t a quote from the latest Harry Potter novel; it’s the refrain from last May’s National Innovation Directors Meeting.  Enchantment is the essential element to innovation.  You know it, I know it.  And personally I’m tired of people and companies tooting ‘innovation’ where the magic isn’t.

Enchantment is exactly what Mehdi, Benoit, Muriel and Nicolas are aiming for with what I like to call Chocapic Part 2.  This is Not a Cereal Box was just a beginning.  See how the DS magicians have bumped up the concept in this fresh, technology sneak prevue video.

Many of us were on summer vacation when it hit, or perhaps you were at your computer but aren’t tuned into the French press.  But according to the folks behind the shiny new study “l’Observatoire de l’innovation publicitaire,” aka Advertising Innovation Observations, the above linked Chocapic campaign was one of the top two advertising campaigns in France last year, so says 82 percent of the general public polled.  That’s because of its magic.

The world of advertising is changing thanks to such innovations.  Agencies are trying to catch up and give themselves ‘total makeovers’.  One of the people behind the study, Plan.Net agency Founder and President Olivier Bronner explains,

“Innovation tends to replace the term creativity in the advertising world.  The rise of new technologies has progressively driven a renewal in the language and shape of advertising.”

Advertising agencies, are you ready?  We’re ready.  And my kids who keep bugging me about buying Chocapic are MORE than ready!

Get your scissors, webcam and traditional computer screen ready… or… even your 3D TV(see video bonus section) . . . October will be here sooner than you think!



  • Gav McDermott

    looks awesome, although probably, & sadly, not available in the UK… 🙁 Will have to pick up a box on my next trip 🙂

  • Good news, Gav! I just got the ok to give away 10 boxes to people NOT living in France. You’re number 1!

    If any other non-French residents are interested, let me know in the comments thread. First come, first serve.

  • Gav McDermott

    Woo hoo!

  • This is very cool! 3D lifelike games without the console.

  • Hi Kate!

    Please add me to the list of lucky box recipients! It is wonderful to see Dassault moving into this niche. Other than the advertising campaign, with the visually appealing commercials that ran in here in America, my first real exposure to Dassault was the work done with Jean-Pierre Houdin on the Great Pyramid.

    I wonder how many of your readers know of the work Dassualt is now doing with Peter Der Manuelian and the Giza Archives Project to bring the tombs of the Memphis Necropolis to Boston as an immersive 3D enviroment? Egyptology students will be able to conduct genuine resaerch on tombs without ever leaving the States thanks to the perfect recreations of the originals.

    Dassault Systems is moving in the direction of IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco in terms of name recognition and market saturation. This isn’t just kids’ stuff! But having said that, may I have a box of creal please! 😀


  • Hiya Cliff, yep, we’re getting closer and closer to ‘You are the interface’

    I’m still waiting for my Oblong experience, hint, hint Oblong!

  • Hi Keith, I will gladly send you a cereal box, but sadly it will not be a box of cereal since it’s a sneak prevue, and for US customs sake. I’ll ping you in private to get your snail mail details.

    Meanwhile, you raised a good question: I wonder how many know about Giza 3D? It’s a killer project that we’ll continue following . . . I hope to be in Boston before end-of-year for more updates. And then when it’s available to the public . . . watch out! 😀

  • Jose

    cool! this looks like magic! I want my kids to experience it…great work. are the boxes available in US??

  • Ben

    I want it, I want it, I want it!!! Seems very cool!

  • Hi again, Kate!

    No cereal? Blasted customs! But regarding the Giza 3d Project, did you see Peter’s announcement today that his work was being honored by the Society of American Archivists? I honestly had no idea when I mentioned him earlier! Synchronicity alert.. we must be doing something right!


  • Hey Kate,

    Please can I have one too?!
    We’ll use it a the UK SIMULIA conference 🙂


  • Hi guys, you ask, you shall receive! So far we’ve got:

    1. Gav
    2. Keith
    3. Cliff (would you like one too?)
    4. José
    5. Ben
    6. Tom

    That leaves 4 boxes . . . who’s next?

  • @Keith, synchronicity for sure! No I didn’t know . . . excellent!

  • Tomas

    This is amazing stuff! I am very happy to work for such creative company :-))
    I looks like that I will start to eat cereals again? Depends, if I`ll also get one box???

  • Hi Tomas, yes you will start to eat cereal again. 😉

  • Eyal

    Hi Kate,

    Any chance to send such cereals box?


  • Hi Eyal, yes I’ve got one with your name on it.

  • X-tof

    Hi there!
    Is there one box left?
    Best regards from Stuttgart, Germany

  • Hi X-tof, yes I do! I’ll connect via email to get your snail mail address . . . best, kate

  • Now proud owner of a Chocapix box!

    Cheers Kate!

  • Kate

    Glad it made it, Gav. The techo should be online sometime early October– I’ll let you know when you can play! best, kate

  • Philipp

    Hi Kate,
    from what I counted there should be one final box left, correct? I would love to have it!
    Cheers Philipp

  • Hi Philipp, you counted well, but Cliff ended up getting a box another way, so I have 2 boxes remaining. Well, 1, since I’m sending you 1. 😉 Best, Kate

  • Graham

    Hi Kate!
    I saw this game at a recent conference in Perth and it looks Amazing! Could I get a box too?
    Kind regards,

  • Wow, the video has made its way to Perth!? What conference was it? Was it this new development or Part 1?

    I’m still waiting for Philipp to send me his snail mail, and meanwhile I have one little box left. Unless I don’t hear back from P and then I’ll have two.

  • Graham

    It was the customer conference in September, and yes it was part one.
    Many thanks for the box, I am looking forward to giving it a go!

  • Hey all you cereal box winners, the game is on (line)! Have a great time playing and please let us know what you think! Best, Kate

  • HI Kate,

    I live in Italy, please can I have one too?


  • Kate

    Hi Luca, I’m out of my 10 . . . let me check into another way and I’ll get back with you. best, kate

  • Matteo


    Hello kate!
    I live in Italy in Florence.
    Can you get me one of these amazing boxes?!.
    is it possible?!

    Thank you very much!

    if possible…my address is:

    Matteo Mannucci
    c/o Mannucci Associates Architects
    Via Francesco Berni 2
    50124 Firenze