Burrrr: CATIA Design Calendar Gift

At least in France it’s finally freezing and folks are wearing gloves, hats and scarves . . . which means the holiday season is upon us!

3D Perspectives will be in holiday mode until early January.  On behalf of the entire 3D Perspectives team, I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Also the CATIA for Design folks would like to offer you a 2010 CATIA for Industrial Design calendar.  You can prevue the featured product designs as well as sign up for it here.  Ok, you have to fill out a few information fields, but . . . DESIGN CALENDAR GIFT!!!



  • Heloisa

    Hello, Kate. In Brazil, where I am, the Holiday season actually means a very hot weather, with some rain to make it a bit more fun. Being so, our Santa Claus has the permission to wear sunglasses and shorts.

    I wish you and the DS Perspectives team a very happy Holiday Season. May 2010 be a year full of cool and interesting posts.

  • Kate

    Many thanks Heloisa! Hmmm, I’m going to have to spend the holidays in Brazil sometime. Sunglasses and shorts sound great!