AR Tags All Over Your Living Room: Laval Virtual Day 3

Image by David Arenou
Image by David Arenou

Ok so I’m kind of cheating.  I’m not live blogging from Laval Virtual today, but yesterday just before catching my train I had such a great time playing Immersive Rail Shooting that I had to share.

Immersive Rail Shooting is a shooter video game that, through a collection of AR tags you wear and place on your furniture, pulls you and your living space into the gameplay.  The set-up is elegant, using a Wiimote and your regular living room stuff.   Think laser tag.

I visited the stand in the congested student competition section of Laval Virtual, but even in such tight quarters, I was able to really get into the game.  Thanks VR Geek Sebastien and Algoriste Xavier to having tipped me off to this refreshing student creation!

Student and interactive designer David Arenou is the genius behind Immersive Rail Shooting.  Check out his video that shows it in action.


Bravo David to a job well done; I look forward to experiencing your next creation!

So, what do you think about this?

Bon weekend,


  • He won three prizes at Laval Virtual !
    That’s the next logical step for engaging your body (and your furniture). Tangible game area !

  • Kate

    Great news! Thanks for the update Sebastien. Any other projects that particularly caught your eye?

  • Manu3D

    Worth noticing is the lowfi (minimalist) 3D graphics David decided to go with. Despite a non-realistic rendering, the user experience is still very realistic thanks to full involvement of user body!

  • KDI

    No wonder he won so many prices. The experience looks fun and engaging. This shows a lot of promise, and a mix of MS’ Natal technology (needed to 3D-tag the objects without markers) with a Wiimote (Nintendo) or the Move (Sony) could definitely do the trick, if they can of course iron out the unvoidable initial lags…

  • Kate

    @Manu3D: I found the minimalist 3D graphics refreshing. So often we’re overloaded with stuff to look at and thus process. David’s lowfi choice not only made it easier to look at, but gave quite a Design effect. Have you seen his concept design video for IRS? I love it!

    @KDI: Yes with the Natal promise video and then actually getting to play Immersive Rail Shooter, I’m feeling good about the future.

    Thanks both of you for your comments.

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