Why You Should Attend a GEOVIA User Conference

Every year, we hold user conferences all over the world to meet our GEOVIA users, tell them what’s new in our products and importantly, hear from the user community firsthand on what we can do better.

The conferences provide an opportunity to learn about new features and product improvements that can make a positive impact on your role and operation.

From Botswana to Belo Horizonte, or from Kalgoorlie to Kolkata, our conferences go where our users are, with the aim of fostering interactive discussions, improving existing mining workflows and exploring best practices through technology.

Last year, we held 27 user conferences globally, with each one tailored to the local audience’s needs. We often also schedule training before or after the conference to maximize our users’ time in the area.

So why should you attend?

    1. Annual event where users can meet locally and network
    2. Regular events in each region so there is sure to be one near you!
    3. Professional development opportunity to present a case study of your company’s operations
    4. Find out what’s new with GEOVIA products and typical applications at a mine site
    5. Discover new techniques, tips and tricks to better use GEOVIA software
    6. Meet your local GEOVIA Services team, who are both software and mining experts
    7. In-depth Geology & Engineering workshops for troubleshooting
    8. Free to attend, plus it’s fully catered so you won’t go hungry!

Call for Papers

Knowledge sharing is key for the mining industry to move forward. Perhaps you have a shortcut to share, or best practices that worked for your company – we encourage you to share them with the GEOVIA community.

If you use GEOVIA software every day, and think you can talk about a certain feature or workflow for at least 30 minutes, then you can certainly teach the rest of us a few things. Plus, presenting to other mining professionals is always good for your career and can help position you as a technical expert in your area of specialization.

Not to mention, presenters usually get a gift as a token of our appreciation!

Here are some suggested topics if you want to present but need some ideas:

  • Controlling Mine Costs through Mine Planning and Optimization using GEOVIA Software
  • Resource Evaluation Methodology
  • Practical Applications of Geostatistics in Resource and Reserve Estimation
  • Automation in Surpac
  • Creating an Efficient Grade Control Solution
  • Best Practices in Mine Planning and Scheduling
  • Case study: the use of GEOVIA software at your operations
  • Dump Scheduling & Haulage Planning in Minex
  • 3D Fault Modeling in Minex
  • Production Management
  • Environmental Mitigation Measures with GEOVIA Software
  • Polygonal Modeling

To submit a paper, please email GEOVIA.Info@3ds.com with your suggested topic!

For any other questions on our user conferences, feel free to comment below.


Alissa Warne

Alissa Warne

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Alissa is based in Perth, Australia, looking after GEOVIA Marketing for the Asia-Pacific region. She is also the editor of this blog and is always on the lookout for contributors! Please feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to guest post.
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