Copying Graphics from GEOVIA MineSched for Presentations

A visual representation of mine plans and schedules is often required for presentations and reporting purposes, and it’s simple to do so in GEOVIA MineSched.

MineSched users can easily create a wide range of charts and report sheets which can be copied and pasted in applications such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Today’s tip will show you how you can copy images, graphics and data from MineSched to create these presentations.

  1. Once your scenario is running in MineSched, select the tab that contains the image you need. In this example, we are using the images under the Validate tab.

  2. Right click on the image and select the option to copy (“Copy image”).

  3. Open your desired application and paste the image. In this example, we’re using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

  4. You can also copy and paste charts from the Create Schedule tab.

We hope you found this simple tip useful! Read our other MineSched tips: Displaying a Block Model in MineSched and Importing Haul Route Names into MineSched.

Ivan Alvarez

Ivan Alvarez

Technical Customer Support Consultant, Mining at Dassault Systèmes
Ivan is a Mining Engineer and delivers both training and support to mining customers in Latin America. Ivan is based in Santiago, Chile. In his spare time, Ivan enjoys playing rock music and soccer.