What to Do If You Accidentally Moved Your Windows in GEOVIA Minex

If your windows have been accidentally moved in GEOVIA Minex, you can correct this by using the Dock View Into settings.

Right Click on your Minex window (such as Graphics, Properties, Output, Explorer).

Select Dock View Into and choose another window you would like to dock your current window onto.

Minex Dock View Into settings


You can also choose to use the options New Multi-tab Frame or New Split Frame to make the window a multi-tab frame or a new split frame.

This way, you can drag the windows onto a second monitor and organize them the way you prefer. This can help you declutter your view and enable a bigger area for the Graphics window.

These setting are specific to a project, which Minex remembers – when you switch project, it will remember the windows settings of that project.

These settings are saved in a user folder:

C:\Users\<Your User Name >\AppData\Roaming\Minex<Major Version Number>\system\Projects\<Your Project Name>\system\Windows

If you have accidentally changed your settings and want to revert to the default, you can close Minex and then delete this folder.

Delete the folder “Windows”, and then restart Minex. The AppData folder may not be visible as it is a hidden folder. Turn on the visibility of hidden folders to see it.

We hope this quick tip helped! For more tips and tricks check out the Minex section.

Ranajit Das

Ranajit Das

Senior Mining Industry Process Consultant, GEOVIA at Dassault Systèmes
Ranajit is a qualified Mining Engineer with over 22 years of experience in mine planning, consulting, operations, logistics, exploration and feasibility studies. Ranajit has previously worked for the Steel Authority of India, Santa Fe Mining in Chile and JSW Steel in India. He specializes in GEOVIA Minex and Surpac.