The dress that fashionably displays tweets

Composed of a bodice, corset, and skirt, the Microsoft’s tweeting dress is made of paper and was stitched together completely by hand. The dress was designed to be anything but subtle and intentionally evokes the past. To reflect the ubiquity of texting on the go, the designers integrated a custom keyboard designed like a vintage typewriter, that allows the wearer to send 140-character message, which is then displayed on the dress through a projector.

Featuring latest wearable technology, the dress displays four LilyPad Arduino boards, one USB hub, a laptop, a capacitive keyboard, solid and stranded wire, and a short-throw projector. Hitting a key sends it to the laptop, which then displays the character as animated text. 

“Some may be repelled by its ostentatious presentation, while others might dare to imagine a more transparent and open world,” say the designers Roseway and Small . “It is our hope that this piece will inspire conversations that go beyond fashion or technology to topics such as awareness, accountability, privacy, and identity.” 

Via : Ecouterre

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