Stop thieves scanning your credit cards or stealing your identity 

Created by Australian designer James Watson, the Bantam Wallet is the thinnest leather customizable Radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking wallet. Why an RFID blocking system in a wallet? The safety equipment will block potential theives scanning your credit cards or stealing your identity. Here, the protection is customizable since you can just insert a RIFD super-thin protection in your wallet to block the whole wallet, half, or none.

Minimalist design, durable, light and perfect for any sized pocket

At only 4mm thin (about 5/32inches) and super light, the wallet fits easily into and out of any pocket. Made in Australia using super tough ethical, sustainable and government approved Australian kangaroo leather (thinner than cow leather and far stronger than any other leather in the world) it will keep credit cards safe, and invisible to wandering eyes when it will be open. Also, there is no risk of anything falling out even if you drop it. Despite of its thinness, it allows for a number of cards and cash to be carried. Watson claims you CAN stuff a lot of cards, cash, dockets, post-it-notes, even coins and keys!

Launched on indiegogo today (April 3rd), the wallet will be available for USD$39 (Early Birds supportive price. Changes to AUD$49 after Indiegogo). You can also visit James Watson’s website for further information :

 RFID blocking sheets

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  1. Kangaroo leather! Wow… that’s fun. I don’t know if need such protection (what you describe here: it’s scary) but I like the wallet look. Plus, it’s a nice gift idea, especially for men.



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