Londoner John Lewis’ flagship store is proposing a virtual fashion mirror to its customers in their Oxford street location. 

When shoppers walk up in front of the mirror, the system will capture their image and will allow them to use gestures and touch to promptly browse a catalogue of up to 500 pieces from the women John Lewis ‘collection clothes and accessories, try on garments with no need to get undressed, built complete outfits virtually, and finally, purchase the items they will chose directly in the store.

An augmented reality system that combines the latest mobile and networking technologies

The system developed by Cisco and named “StyleMe” consists of “a life-sized screen to display the video output, a PrimeSense camera to capture images and gestures, and an artificial intelligence engine that combines image analytics, recognition software, and augmented-reality capabilities. The touch-based interfaces Cisco StyleMe also adds value by providing customers with expert fashion advice and allowing them to receive feedback about their choices through social media and messaging.”

A fun, new, interactive way to try on clothing and accessories virtually

Two “StyleMe mirrors” are on trial on the John Lewis’ Oxford Street flagship store 1st floor. The trial started on april 20th and is running for six weeks. If the system is successful, it could become a permanent fixture in the retailer’s flexible department store which will open next autumn.

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