MakerBot, the Brooklyn New York based global leader in 3D printing technology, has opened its first shop in NoHo, New York.

The very first MakerBot 3D printers retail store is open to the public since september 20th and is located at 298 Mulberry Street, one of the fanciest street of the area. The opening follows three announcement for MarkerBot all on the same moment: two new Desktop 3D printers and a new software package called MarkerWare.

makerbot2        makerbot5

The MakerBot store located on Mulberry St, NYC. Pictures Copyright: FashionLab

A new industrial revolution

You’ve already heard about 3D printers, but you probably don’t own one yet. Bre Pettis CEO of MarkerBot the replicator 2 will change that. The concept of a home 3d printer is not science fiction anymore, but the beginning of a new way to think household consumption and of a new industrial revolution.

“I have dreamed of opening this store ever since we started MarkerBot” Bre Pettis says, “Technology like our desktop 3D Printers has to be seen to be belived. The store is an utopia for creative explorers, and it’s full of markerBot made things that make perfect gifts.”

makerbot6jpg        makerbot8

The Makerbot Replicator 2 in action – Pictures Copyright: FashionLab

There is chances you’ll own your own 3D printer very soon

Visitors to the 3D printers retail store will have the opportunity to experience and watch the whole and fascinating 3D printing process, as all the printers in the shop as they watch products getting manufactured right in front of their eyes.

They also will be able to buy ‘MakerBotted’ objects that have been built right there, or the new Replicator 2 3D printer (price starting to $2,199), available for immediate purchase as well as the filament (that you can choose in a panel of 30 different color) used to build your creations. Eco friendly plastic filament (called PLA for polylactic acid) are made from cornstarch and smells like waffles when it prints. Another good reason to visit the shop!

markerbot1         makerbot3

PLA filament ‘color bar’ and a Replicator 2 making a chain – Pictures Copyright: FashionLab


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