Derville, a Parisian bootmaker, adapts handcraft’s techniques, to make the custom built shoes device more accessible. 

The shop is almost hidden in a tiny street, near the Palais Royal in Paris, France and doesn’t looks like any other boot maker workshop… the feeling here is a clever mix between modernity, Hight Tech and tradition.

A German 3D scan, a Finnish software and the French Know-How

Measurements are taken through a 3D scan : a digital camera rotates around your feet and takes more than 100 pictures to obtain 14 key measurements. The process is really fast and more accurate than manual measurements : within two minutes the 3D image of your feet appears. Each foot is analyzed using four variables: length, width, thickness at the toes and instep.

And since sensitivity is as important as measurements and comfort is also a matter of feeling, a “test shoes” will identify whether a person likes adjusted shoes or rather prefers to fell a little off.

Become the co-designer of your next pair of shoes

Then you will just have to decide which style you want to go for between more than  700 variations of models before choosing the patina that will mix colors to infinity. This handmade patina will turn your shoes to be unique. 

Your shoes will be handcraft in France with a know how tradition, and will be deliver within 6 to 8 weeks.

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