TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012 will take place in Pier 94 from May 19th through May 23rd.

The event is a three-day, single-track conference and debate about new technologies with the leaders and innovators of the technology and media industries. to give you deep insights into the creative destruction happening right now.

A conference marathon about “what’s next”. And why.

What is changing in technology right now? What is causing it and what do we need to do about it to survive and thrive in real time? This are the questions experts will try to answer. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to meet the people behind the new hype startups, new products and new technologies driving disruption today and be part of a challenging and stimulating conversation. They will also have the oppotunity to compete in a startup competition.

When Will Fashion Tech Just Be Fashion? 

One of the conference will be entirely dedicated to the Fashion Industry with the topic “When Will Fashion Tech Just Be Fashion?”. On may 21st, from 10:50am – 11:15am, Neil Blumenthal (Warby Parker), Ashley Granata(Fashism), Jennifer Hyman (Rent the Runway), Alexis Maybank (Gilt Groupe) will discuss about the big changes and subtle trends that will make the tomorrow fashion scene.



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