March 17th,  it’s St Patrick’s Day!

Today, thousands of people will wear green outfits and will celebrate Ireland and Irish with parades, maybe with a pint of beer or a shot of whiskey… but only one hundred of people will have the chance to show up with a pair of sunglasses with frames made from Whiskey barrels!

Shwood, a Portland-based sunglasses company, is well known on using sustainably harvested wood to make their frames. This time, it has associated with the legendary Bushmills Irish Whiskey distillery and a Boston boutique, Bodega, to produce a very St Patrick’s day inspired sunglasses line.

Limited to 100 pairs (which have actually already sold out), the frames were made with white oak coming from old whiskey barrels as old as 100 years, who were shipped to Portland from the Bushmills distillery in Ireland. 

 Picture Copyright : Shwood

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