It’s not so easy being chic, but it can be an epic battle when you’re not a skinny woman.

That’s not an option anymore to be struggled with weight and to try to camouflage your curves. But like anyone, you are expecting to found perfectly fitted tops, sleek pants, nice bathing suits and stylish dresses or just a pair of boots that won’t struggle your calves.

Hopefully, some well inspired brands are on a mission to give plus size women an plus size fashion a makeover.

In the US, the Retail Boutique Monif C. Plus Sizes Manhattan Store is “the first contemporary, sexy, trendy designer clothing store for plus size fashionistas” in the City.

Monif’s spring 2012 collection offers a fantastic variety of garments that are sexy without being too obvious. And it’s not a surprise if Monif was named best plus-size designer at “Full Figured Fashion Week”.

The brand is also carried in several specialty boutiques around the country from Louisiana to Wisconsin, as well as online via the Monif’C website.

When you are a plus size figure, shopping could be as difficult as depressive.

The most recurrent, most difficult wardrobe challenge for ALL girls even the skinny ones, is certainly finding that perfect, “every occasion” pair of lengthening and slimming pant as well as a magic butt-embracing jeans.

The French Brand Castaluna just launch it’s just online boutique, the very first e-shop entirely dedicated for plus size woman. A big “Premiere” in a country of most of the brands offer garments until size 12. The brand is far away of the old “solely to hide the body” song. Big sized French woman will finally now have choice between nicely fitted basics, designer dresses, cute lingerie, as well as leather, cashmere or maternity lines and accessories’.

XL’s girls want to have fun too!

To fight the fitting room stress syndrome and to bring some fun in their shops, the Canadian Pennington made a surprise to its customers. As you can see on the video below, as soon as shoppers arrived in front of the mirror in the fitting room, they saw two “Chippendale style’s firefighters” descend from poles on either side of their reflection and making a show, offering  flowers or drawing cute little heart sketch. This interactive fitting room with magic mirrors installation by DDB Canada was done with motion-sensors and mirrored TV screens and used AR augmented reality animation.

So, ladies, test them all! Plus size fashion is just a click away. 


Picture copyright: via Monif’C 

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