This wristwatch is spelling ‘the time’

The design agency Biegert & Funk (founded by Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk) is releasing a completely new kind of wristwatch : the Qlocktwo W (W for wrist edition). This wristwatch have a grid of 110 letters that set the display according to time and make phrases like “It is half past ten”.

Q2_W_brushed_Snowflake_ES_CMYK Q2_W_black_DE_CMYK Q2_W_brushed_Snowflake_FR_CMYK

QLOCKTWO W will be available from winter 2012.

Minimalist design: the watch is operated by a single push button

The design is minimalist and precision crafted, its form reduced to the essentials. Encased in a brushed stainless steel case that measures 35 x 35 mm, the watch comes with either a rubber or leather strap.
Together with the time, QLOCKTWO W also displays the calendar day or seconds.
“It is operated by a single push button and could not be more simple: one push to display the time, two for the calendar day and three for the seconds,” says designer Marco Biegert.
QLOCKTWO W will be available from winter 2012 respectively in the languages German, English and French and in two variants, natural stainless steel or black, at a cost of approx 550 euros.


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