Shopaholics, be delighted… or cry, depending on how much you love to spend money for your shopping addiction: here comes the the iBag!

Arduino-powered ‘smart purse’ seals itself shut to stop overspending

This high-tech handbag, developed by an Australian company, will help to control spending while window shopping is never an option for you!  This not so bad looking purse Arduino powered locks itself automatically when it thinks its owner is on its way to overspend money.

Hey! for a mere of $200 it’s a bargain don’t you think? Well, if that’s not provocation, I don’t know what is!

Using an Arduino processor and a real-time clock,’s iBag prototype has been designed to physically deter shoppers from accessing their wallets during the times of day they’re most vulnerable to spend. The purse is also equipped with a GPS chip and LED lights that flash when a shopper gets too close to his or her favourite shops, or, as the company puts it: “when you’re entering a danger spending zone.” RFID modules record every swipe of a shopper’s wallet leaving the bag and a GSM module can also send text messages to a “responsible other” party, like a husband, wife or parent.


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