Ritot is the first projection watch. Featuring a pico projector, a graphic digital time, as well as a variety of other specified notifications, are displayed in bright light on the arm of the watch wearer.


Inspired by future technologies

The wrist watch is designed with a special projection technology which allows using it in daylight or in the dark. The watch features one unique ouch-sensitive button that serves to activate the watch and manipulate projections. The wearer can also shake his hand to activate projections. After being activated, the projection disappears automatically in 10 seconds. The projections color can be changed in one click with a choice of 20 different colors.


Stay connected to the world with projected and vibrating notifications

Ritot features vibrating notifications for messages and alerts (such as Reminders, Incoming Caller ID, Emails, Calendar or Social Media Alerts…). Any kind of notifications can be settled in the special Ritot App for smartphone. All notifications are easy to set, turn on and off. For example, a simple shake of the wrist will dismiss a notification.

Ritot watch features include:

20 different projection color choices, changeable in a single click.

Projection activation via touching the watch’s button or just shaking your wrist.

Energy saving technology, including a 1-month rechargeable battery life in stand-by mode, and 150 hours in projection mode.


Adjustable to fit any hand.

Unisex design in both Sport and Bracelet styles.

24 or 12 hour time display mode.

Projection viewing changeable for left and right hand.

The watches are Waterproof and available in two different styles, sport and bracelet. They will be available for about $120. If you are interested, Ritot seeks crowdfunding on Indiegogo until August 21, 2014. Visit their page!



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