A LED-Electroluminescent Geek’s Dream Pair of Shoes

Tinker Hatfield, the famous designer of many of Nike‘s most popular and innovative shoes (including the iconic Air Jordan) presents the 2011 Nike MAG Sneakers that was a limited edition design based off a Back to the Future movie. Together with the designer Tiffany Beers, he explains in this video, the 23 year creative process and how they made these LED-electroluminescent dream shoes.

The 1500 Limited-Edition Pair of Shoes Price Was Originally Set at 99 Cents

The 1500 limited-edition pair of shoes were sold on Nikemag.ebay.com and the price was originally set at 99 cents. The shoes prices climbed above $3,500 in a wink on the first night of bidding, with some models topping $4,000.

The whole sale profits went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, the foundation set up by the actor who played the Marty McFly character in the original Back to the Future trilogy.

“Does This Power-Lace?”

Note that unlike the ones featured in the Back to the Future Part II movie, those shoes are not self-tying even though Nike patented the self-lacing design… but yes, as any child of the 80’s can remembers, the “Nike Air Mag” was a futuristic prop that was sold in 2015.

As a jest, in a fun promotional video, Christopher Lloyd (reprising his role as Doctor Emmitt Brown) asks : – “Does this power-lace?” and the Nike employee responds :

– “Not until 2015”!


Picture and video : Nike and Back to the Future Part II movie screenshot.

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