Those Outlier Futureworks Pants are what almost every man had dreamed about for a looooong time. The successful combination of technology usually reserved for sport clothes and a crisp urban design gathered in one pair of pants.


Strong, durable and lightweight

The result here is a pair of pants constructed to be durable, sturdy, lightweight, extensible, breathable, water repellent and super comfortable like a tech-sport outfit with a corporate friendly design. The pants are made of super light fabric ( and weighs only 200gsm) blended with 97% of Nylon, 3% of Elastane, air texturized Cordura grade canvas, and light DWR.


An office friendly pair of pants that combines urban design with technology usually reserved for sport clothes

This pair of pants are warm and soft enough to allowed you to wear them every day. They are available in black only at for $125.






Photos: Emiliano Granado
Garments featured on the pictures: FutureworksOG BlazerDoublefine Merino HoodieSoft Core Bomber

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